Monday, August 18, 2008

Ava Gardner - Le plus Bel Animal du Monde!

Ava Gardner - The most beautiful animal in the world.

Last night was the last show of Cinema en Plein Air in Paris. The movie that has been shown is called "La Comtesse aux pieds nus" by Joseph L. Mankiewicz, starring Ava Gardner et Humphrey Bogart (1954). I have no idea about Ava Gardner before I came to the show. 

There was a little short film called "L'interview" by Xavier Giannoli (1988) before the classic screened. It talks about a young French journalist is planning to do an interview by now aged movie-star Ava Gardner, who lives secluded in her London maison and refuses any interview by phone. So the journalist tried so hard to improve his frenchie English on the way to meet the living myth. Ironically, he soon actually has a non-sense interview with the legend through the intercom, outside her maison, while her dog keeps barking and the street is busy. Even sadly, Ava Gardner doesn't even remember her films, and doesn't even feel like answering to any questions that the journalist proposed. What a myth... This is hilarious! This is the best interview that I ever seen! You never see Ava Gardner shows up in the movie, but she is there! 

After the short "interview", here comes Ava Gardner! She is such a star. Charmante, très charmante! Me and Xiaoli are infatuated by her beauty. She is classic, strong, intelligent and unique. She is our muse for the coming photoshoot of Stanley this week.


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