Monday, June 2, 2008

Wax Tailor rocks Limoges!

Ticket of Wax Tailor concert in Limoges: 18 euros/person
Train ticket to Limoges: 34euros return/person
Hotel in Limoges: 66 euros per night
Dance with Xiaoli: Quite expensive, but still affordable.
Experience of this supreme concert: Priceless
Kisses from Wax Tailor: Priceless x Priceless!!!

A kinda silly reason why we picked Wax's concert in Limoges is the venue. The name of the concert hall is called "John Lennon Cultural Centre". I was like... oh what a nice dedication! So it is. I were there at around 8h30 at night. We were probably the only people who take a cab to get there. Everyone went there by their own car. So hippie. When we see the concert hall, we were even more hippie coz you see the exterior of the concert hall is full of graffiti, up on a hill.

Love and Peace.

The show started at around 9h30. We were the only two Asians here. A young DJ started the show by cinematic hip-hop for almost an hour, and then here came Wax Tailor! He came with his Parisian smart chic. I was surprised that he is so frenchie, coz it doesn't show in his music. Once he played, everyone got natural high. Oh my god, every minute was fierce at the concert!

Music was great, even better than expected. Beats, either it's broken or smooth, it was indulging. Mélangement of everything. Hip-hop, trip-hop, oldies, classic and cinematic elements. Plus, the visual projection was brilliant. J'adore! This is probably the best concert so far that Xiaoli and I ever experienced. To be honest, it's even better than Prefuse 73! He got a lot guests, a lot of collaborations: The cute Charlotte Savary and the fabulous American female rapper Voice. Voice, the rapper of 'Future Jazz' at our last boat clubbing!

At the concert, we encountered a group of actors and actresses who are studying theatre here. It was unexpectedly engaging!


Anonymous said...

you're lucky to were at this concert! who is this boy? he is so handsome...and you so sexy!!
see you

Zoe Lydia said...

Errr...... which boy are you talking about?