Saturday, June 14, 2008

Finally, Sex and the City!

We have been starving for the original version of Sex and the City for 2 weeks!

We finally watch the movie before Xiaoli's flee last night. It is a hit in France. The salle was completely full, we could hardly find a seat! We sat separately. Xiaoli cried enormously, she claimed. So did Kate in Hong Kong, Cecilie from Denmark, and some other Sex and the City geeks. But for me, some moments are touching but I couldn't get into tears. Am I too cold? 

Just enjoy the fashion in the movie is a pure visual pleasure. It feels like you meet your old friends when you are watching the movie. It's lovely and humorous. There are many lines that are superb funny like the Coloring by Crayons discussion and Charlotte's cruse on Mr. Big. Everyone did great in the film, except Jennifer Hudson as Carrie's personal assistant to heal Carrie's broken heart. This girl lacked humor, maybe because of the script? She toned down everything, so un-SATC. But overall, this movie is fierce. 

After I watched a good movie, I will be in good mood for at least 24 hrs.
So far, our Cinematic Journal in Paris:

Thanks for Le Voyages du Ballon Rouge which ruined our cinematic experience in Paris completely. The boredom is over sufficient to keep us away from the cinema for first two months.

Then, great movie excellent Deux soeurs pour un roi with unbeatable performance of the talented Natalie Portman.

Michael Haneke's Funny Games. The two hour cinematic experience was a pure torture but I just love it! It's a psycho torture though you cannot see much blood or violence in front of your eyes. It's a masterpiece. There was one moment that Xiaoli really wanna quit in the middle of the film, by the way.

Just now we have seen the trailer of Savage Grace. Xiaoli and I were both stunned by the twisting unethical relationships, by the charm of Juilanne Moore, by the edgy frenchie look of Eddie Redmayne... everything! Really expecting.


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miss k said...

i am charmed by Julienne Moore more than that frenchie...she is so elegant and yet edgy, really expecting.