Sunday, May 11, 2008

Queen's Day in Amsterdam - the whole nation is at party!


Never heard of Queen's Day in the Netherlands, it was until the time I booked the expensive train tickets for my parents (~4000HKD for 3 persons return) to take a visit to the once-a-year flower garden Keukenhof, I found it so hard to book a hotel... all the cheap hotels were totally full/disappeared. By the end, I had to book a hotel double room at 130 euros per night. At that time, there was a warning of hotel booking that you must book at least 3 nights at that particular hotel coz you were booking at the period of Queen's Day... I was wondering, what's that?

Thanks to my buddy wiki, Queen's Day is described as the best time of the year in Amsterdam! Which is totally true!


When you were approaching the city by train, 
you can sense the happiness bit by bit. Once we left the train station, the party got started by an orange football up on the sky.

We arrived at midi. We met up Xiaoli and her cousin who had been here for 4 hours avant. Though They were tired, me and Xiaoli were in party mood now!!!

It was getting more and more people into the town. There was a lot of after-party stuff on the ground already, I am sure that was a party night in the town last night. 

On that day, all the transport in town were off. We could only use our feet. The town even provided a unique map of the Queen's Day to show the routes. Anyway, every corner is full of orange, full of people. My mum was looking for a restaurant, but actually all the shops were closed, even restaurants did so. Only a few opened. We have been drifting for almost an hour for a decent restaurant. Actually for me, I would rather take a hot dog for lunch...

Biere is always enjoyable to take in Amsterdam, and the lovely oysters. To my father's wish, we tried the fresh oysters in town. Look at the eyes of my father, he was deeply moved by this seafood... ohohoh...

In the street, People sold their stuff, mainly 2nd hand. It could be a family, a couple, just friends, or nothing to sell but take a sun-bath, have a philosophy brain wash or just enjoy the crowd and dance in electronic or jazz, up to you. To sell their stuff is just an excuse, to spend time with your love ones is the essence of the day. 

For the loneliness, they still have their own way to celebrate the Queen's birthday. See the half naked guy outside the platform of his apartment. Discounted Price: 1 euro for body and soul!

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