Sunday, March 2, 2008

SMS - powerful application

The night of Caesar, this neo-African Stanley came to Xiaoli's studio for dinner. So great that we share the same mind, so we can chat anything, anything and everything!
You know, sms is the most important application in Paris, and for French as well. It's ironic that at the apartment, usually you will have a package of internet, land phone and cable TV. People can make phone international calls to many destinations without charges. But for mobile, it's so expensive! Maybe 1 euro for just 1-2 minute talk. That's why people always sms here in France. Mobile calls is much much >>>>>>> expensive than international land calls. C'est très bizarre!

French is a beautiful language, even the words itself are poetic. Like emu(e) in french means being touched emotionally, when you look at the structure of the word itself, it means your nervous/ your muse is agitated! So beautiful! That's why flirty sms could be poetic in French, or English in French logic. But after seeing those in Xiaoli's cell, I gotta agree British could be romantic too.


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