Sunday, March 2, 2008

Musée Gustave Moreau

So fast... a month is gone! Once again, it's the first sunday of the month, it's the day to go to national museums without charge. This time, we went to Musée Gustave Moreau.

Gustave Moreau is such a productive painter. The musée actually is his house with 2 main floors full of his works, but many are unfinished. Sometimes, to see an unfinished work is better than a finished coz you will see more that how he worked on the painting. I guess he was a wandering-mind person: while he was working on one piece, all in a sudden he wanted to do another topic so he just left the piece aside.

I like romanticism and symbolism, but his paintings are not that impressive than what I saw from the books. I like the Greek mythology behind the paintings. His paintings are dark and melancholy. Compare with his symbolic paintings to Fernand Khnopff and Gustav Klimt, his style is rougher and the characters are not that strong. I don't have any paintings in the museum that impressed me a lot, though there are a few paintings are quite well-known.

It's worth going today, but not the other days in the rest of the month.


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