Saturday, March 1, 2008


Can't believe that Michel is such a good chef! 

Tonight Xiaoli came to Michel's apartment for dinner. As a good host, me and Michel went out to buy some more beef steak and wines. Again, we got salad and avocado as appetizers, and then beef steak as main course. Now I know how to make a nice sauce for salad. All you need is olive oil, mustard and mixed herbs for salad. The scale is 2 table spoon of olive oil to 1 tea spoon of mustard. After mixed, put in the vegetables, but DO NOT stir it until it's time to serve. That's the trick!
After that night, we went our to supermarket for buying oysters (des huîtes) for Michel's movie.

Humm....yummy! While Michel is taking his 16th piece of oyster, I am taking the yummy chocolate cake from the patisserie near his apartment.  Too bad there is no oyster from the region that his movie needs. In that case, we need to create an label to put it on the readymades.


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My China Bohemia said...

Merci pour le diner!!! It was tres tres tres yummy!!