Sunday, March 2, 2008

Dîner with Xiaoli's classmates

Saturday night, I had a rendezvous with Xiaoli's classmates in the huge student dorm - La cité internationale universitaire. I was stunned when I get in this area! It is such a huge classic garden with many many houses. It's such a madurdam coz each house got different styles, like Japanese, Sweden or Danish. Now this time I went to the Danish House. The blonde sitting next to Xiaoli is Sanna . Her husband is working on a psychology study in Clubbing. Woo........ sounds so interesting. Because of this research, they went to Bulgaria to do clubbing for months! I am sure that there should be a lot of profounded stories about the teens for clubbing. They said in Denmark, there is a very famous photographer who always take pictures in the clubs, and people are so eager to call for attention, like showing their seins on the screen! oh mon Dieu!

Here we got over 10 people, but actually only 2 are Xiaoli's classmates, the others are friends of her Danish classmate. They prepared couple of dishes, like pork fillets and curry chicken. It was so fun to chat with Danish coz they are all so nice, especially this Danish giant <<<

In his mind: Why asian loves to take photos so much???
This Danish was on the way to the toilet, but then he was invited for this photo-op.

Yes, me and Xiaoli are crazy about photoshoot, we don't even give up a chance to shot in this student laundry room! Posture study, it could be. 

Xiaoli was so drunk. She needed to go back home after dinner, while I was still full of energy. So I went out with the Danish/Sweden boys and gals to Place d'Italie. We went to a bar. Outside there is a security guard, so it should be somewhere chic, i think. However, when we get into the bar, the songs that they had were sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 
out-dated! 70s, 80s, oh please, not my cup of tea! I want house please! or at least some songs that I know. It was so crowded, smelly and hot inside. My beer got spilled! Is there anywhere more interesting to go? Maybe Buddha Bar is a good choice, if we just drink one shot that's it. Or try a live music bar? La Chapelle des Lombards with Afrojazz and Latino bands and DJs in Bastille, and free for women on friday before midnight. Seems interesting! Maybe go there next friday with the two Sweden gals: Sara and Katja. Should be fun!


My China Bohemia said...
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My China Bohemia said...

Oh Mon Dieu!!! Showing the "seins" + friendly giant?!!! hahaaaaaaa....this is one funny post with mixed languages!!!