Sunday, March 2, 2008

Brunch at Le Pain Quotidien

This Belge restaurant Le Pain Quotidien in Marais is highly recommended by Mlle Xiaoli, it gave her good memories in New York. Its philosophy is organic and getting people together. Its signature mis-en-scene is a long-long table in a friendly wooden style. Groups of people eat on one long table that gave you a warmer feeling, but it doesn't mean that the staff there are friendly. Their signature organic confitures. They have framboise and apricot. Well their white chocolate cream is so smooth that you can't stop filling it onto your bread!

In order to avoid bread overdose like we did last time in Beglium, we ordered a brunch to share, instead of having two. A normal petite déjeuner costs around 9 euros including a bread basket, a hot spring egg, chesse and a coffee. All the confitures and chocolate creams (white, milk chocolate and dark chocolate) are free to take. Plus 1 euro you can get a double coffee which is bigger than a soup. For a brunch (22 euros), you will get additional organic cereals with yogurt, one more cold juice either orange or apple, and a samlon salad. That's really enough for two, for sure too much for 1 person, especially in this city full of skinny people.


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