Sunday, February 3, 2008

Xiaoli comes like a BREEEEEEEEEZE!

One week ago, I received an email from Xiaoli, saying that I AM GOING TO MEET YOU IN PARIS! 

Within one week, she bought the air ticket and did research on the courses that she might take here.

Actually, we did talked about making a Paris stay for half a year during the shooting of PUSH, but you know, it was just a plan at that time, no guarantee for everything. But now she really comes, like a BREEEEEZE!

Just after she arrived and settled down, we went to Sorbonne directly for course registration, coz it was the last day of administration already. Luckily, everything went smooth, and we even have time to visit the other school called PARSONS to look for some interesting courses, and do some shopping. Xiaoli will probably take a photography class there, while I am so excited about the oil painting class there! And we are going to take one textile creating class together. Oh can't wait to have fun there! Those courses are quite expensive. The textile class costs about 500 euro each for 10 3-hour-classes, but frankly our French is limited, it's better for us to take the classes here in this stage.

At night, we bought some wine and cheese to Xiaoli's hotel. Oh it was so enjoyable to have a chat overnight like this.


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