Monday, February 18, 2008

Textile Class at PARSONS

It's gonna be fun to do experiments on Textiles. Our rendezvous with the Textile professeur is on Saint-Valentin, what a romantic start!

The first class is an introduction. Our professeur is Claire Jochum. A very elegant and nice lady who worked for Christine Lacroix. We got only 7 students here. 3 students are working in this industry already, while me and Xiaoli, and the other 2 girls from America and Russia are just for fun. To my surprise, one of the matured student has already taken this course last semester. She wants to take the course again to learn other techniques to make interesting fabrics coz each time the professeur will teach different skills. Well, that matured student probably got the same age as my grandma. She graduated at Parsons in New York in 60s, and now she took a short course here at Parsons Paris. Haha... that's funny. It's so funny to hear the conversation between her and the professeur:

1. While the professeur was showing some reference books, she would say " oh my God, I got this book. This is soooooooooooooo amazing!"

2. "Sorry I need to go to New York this week, so I think I won't have time to buy those fabrics that we need next week," the mature said.
"Don't you have some fabrics at your stock?"
"Oh well, I might... I might get it from New York. Not a problem!" the mature replied.

3. While the professeur is talking about some machines for sewing fabrics, the mature said "for all these years I just use my hand."

The atmosphere overall is excellent here. I like tidy group. Some experienced can rise those questions that I never think of so that we can learn more. I become even more excited about this course coz our works in the future could be very creative! In the coming 2 classes, we are going to do a painting with a thickener on silk. After that we will try dévoré, foiling, dyeing, using soluble fabric (This is the most interesting one!), permanent pleating, transfer and pens.
To prepare our first workshop, we went to Shoptext (7-9 Bd du Temple, Metro: Filles du Calvaire) to buy white silk. It's a housewife art material shop. Those housewife paintings on silk made us sick... Xiaoli and I got the same feeling that we got to clean our eyes by seeing some chic design in this moment! Otherwise the old-fashion stuff will ruin our mind! 
Not far is Musée Picasso. We went to rue Vieille du Temple. A street with chic fashion and creative product designs. Oulala~ Issey Miyake is just at the corner!

This kind of cutting, how can you resist it? It's just the price that pissed me off - 700 euros.


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