Saturday, February 23, 2008

Textile 001 - Painting on Silk

To paint on the silk, we got to mount our silk onto a wooden frame by pins first. We normally use white silk coz anyway you can paint any color onto the fabric. For a 100 x 90 cm satin silk, it costs around 8 euros here in Paris.

After that, we can mix the colors that we need. 
We got 10 colors here in this workshop. Yellow, Red, Blue, Green, Brown, White, Black... One tips about color mixing is, you can darken a color with a drop of its color in contrast: a red with a drop of green! That's magical!

This is my reference - a landscape painting by Egon Schiele. 

Normally, we need to thicken the color with a medium before we put it into the canvas. Half color, half épaississant. But I think it's really up to your artistic decision on your painting. You can add just a few drops of brown into a medium for a pale color effect, like my background layer here as shown. What a mess here! But it doesn't matter, it will go well later.

Then, I used a hair dryer to dry up the first layer so that we can add other colors onto the canvas.

First, I add in brown. By dripping the paints, you can introduce an intense color on it. By using the brush, you can spread out the color and make it paler. In this case, you can make different shades of color already! For the orange, I didn't mix the color and medium evenly so that you can see there is a variety of orange flowers.

This is my work, almost finished. But what da hell I added a phrase that ruin the painting, shit... 

Oh we got to introduce our classmate whom attended Parsons NY in the 60s, my favorite classmate behind me. This classic Newyorker that drinks diet coke in every class, buys her fabric in other 
countries and makes everything by her own hands. Below is her classic quotes by the end of the class:

"I hate to have so many materials remain on my table by the end of the class, what a waste!" (That means you are greedy!)
"Oh I gotta go now because of my jet lag!" (Okay, we knew that you flied back to Paris from New York.)
This is Xiaoli's Across the Universe, delicated to her mum in the style of glam rock. Her mom is Vivienne Westwood?


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