Sunday, February 17, 2008

Saint-Valentin in Paris

What will Parisian do on the day of romance, in the city of romance?

Should there be even more people kiss on the street? Actually it's normal for them to kiss on the street, anytime, anywhere. Or people will celebrate it at their apartment? Faire l'amour and faire l'amour?

My date is school. French Class during lunch 12-2, and my premiere textile creation class in Parsons at night with Xiaoli. For the rest of the time is having fun with Kate and Xiaoli. Yes, Kate, she is again in Paris! Bring me all the stuff that I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed! Oh my new beautiful jacket, I'm gonna wear it this week!

One thing that is common in every big city is préservatif (condom) distribution, in the middle of the crowd. This is Forum des Halles.

Well, this city acts like a normal day on Saint-Valentin. Unlike Hong Kong, those office ladies will receive a large brunch of flowers on this day which I hate; Unlike American who need to reserve a table 2-3 months before for a very nice restaurant, here is just so fucking normal! Except for the flower shops are busy all day long. People kiss everyday in the street, that's normal. 
After our textile class, we went to Bastille for a drink. We saw a lot of people, mono-sex. Now we know that this is a day for the tourists and singles to go out, but not for local couples. Isn't it romantic that everyday is Saint-Valentin for Parisian?

Btw, don't go to bars with special offers to 
students, they did cocktail badly. 

We tried one friendly resto near Bastille called Resto Zinc (73, rue de la Roquette). The young owner is very nice with the passion to Yoko Ono and Jazz.


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