Friday, February 29, 2008

Party with Largo Winch crew chez Wing

Neither a friday nor saturday night, it's a tuesday night. We gathered with the editing crew from the French James Bond movie Largo Winch for celebrating the new exotique studio of Wing in the  1er quarter of Paris. Oh mon Dieu! 950 euro for a month, it doesn't make any sense! Mais c'est vrai! 

After an hour hei at his studio, we went out for a drink. 

La femme who is talking to me is Lurri, a book publisher here. What an interesting job! She can decide your book/topic can be published or not! She is the galfriend of Max whom got blurred in the group picture. 

(From left to right) Agnès, Wing, me, Florent, Kitty, Lurri, Richard (chief editor who might have a crush to Xiaoli), Xiaoli and Max.

We went to an African Restaurant called Babylone Bis (34, rue de Tiquetonne). It's all dark without windows. For sure you will miss that restaurant when you pass by coz it doesn't even have a window for the outsiders to look in!  They only got a guy to stand outside, acts like those guys at the entrance of discotheque. But once you get it, you will find them cool! 

The restaurant claimed that they got the best chicken in Paris, that means we can't miss it! Okay, I tried the grilled poulet. It's not bad... Better take those chicken with sauce. Anyway, the most important thing about gathering is people, not the food. We did have a good time here. I like Agnès and Florent. They are genuine, cute and funny. That night, we tried different red wines. I am sure that fruity Côte du Rhône is not my cup of tea. Now I found that Sancerre is a very nice region. I like its strong taste. 

By the way, Richard asked me why I need to learn French. He is not the first one to ask. Now I know how to reply. "Car je peux avoir rendezvous avec les françaises!"


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