Sunday, February 17, 2008

Paris Chic at Printemps

Not very impressed by Printemps, but since this is still the season of soldes, why not give myself an excuse to get in Printemps for a walk. 

For the people who is going to spend a short period in Paris, they will just look for goods. But for us who is going to spend at least half a year here, we will look for different stuff, like what people dressed today in Printemps.
Oulala~~ I like her stylish a lot! Simple but chic! All black but with a pair of little ding*** bright green shoes. Very cute!

While we were looking at the 50% discounted MMM collection (still very expensive), this fairy came and say hi to us. I felt like he was really fly to us with wind. Look at what he dressed and his haircut, his total look (oh pardon! I use your word again, Kate) is incroyable! By the end, we got this beau garçon's contact, probably he will be our model in our coming photo shot. I hope so.

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tai said...

may be i say it too much, the 'total look' thing seems drilled in your mind, hahaha.... and you are getting more and more fashion-conscious