Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Nude Continues...

Oil painting continues. 

3 oil sketches at first within 10 mins each, then work on a painting for 1 hour. When we were working on the sketches, the model can pose, but when we were going to work on the longest pose, she just stood still, oh mon Dieu! The teacher just asked her to do a comfortable pose, then she just stood still! How can we have a good composition?

I rather like my sketches coz I like this composition, though it is rough. It's surprising that a sketch by oil with paint thinner is more or less similar to charcoal.

By the way, the eye-catching painting at the back is an unfinished painting by a regular student in Parsons. I like it! He followed a picture of a guy with tremendous body diseases. I would rather prefer his painting finish at this stage, coz if he paint the full picture, that will be too clear and lose its mythical power. Hope he got the same feeling.


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