Friday, February 8, 2008

Lunar New year in Paris

Tonight, we had a great dinner for celebrating the Lunar New Year before we headed to Anvers for weekend. Christine invited her friends from the Church for the dinner, and I called up Sabine and Xiaoli to join us! I felt like have a upper class dinner coz Lenny is there volunteered for a violin performance. Xiaoli and I were overjoyed, coz we learnt how to prepare the famous vietnam spring roll. Oulala~~ it's soooooooo delicious! 

-Rice paper (Galettes de riz), better immerse it into water quickly just before you roll it.
-Shrimps. Cook the shrimps in a preheated bowl without water, coz the water will come out eventually while the shrimps are being cooked. No flavorings required. Peel them after that.
-Pork. Cook it in boiling water with some flavorings. Slice it afterwards.
-Herbs: Basilic and Mint leaves
-Rice vermicelli. Chop it after cooking.
That's about it for the ingredients. 

*Dipping sauce: Lemon: squeeze for juice. Put fish sauce, sugar, lemon juice, garlic chili in a large mixing bowl; put 2 spoon of fresh water in then stir well.

C'est tout! You can then ask your guests to roll your own Vietnam spring roll!


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