Monday, February 11, 2008

Le Réfectoire, a perfect dejeuner

Recommended by the Phaidon Paris guide book, we went to a friendly French restaurant called LE REFECTOIRE. 

The address is 80 Bld Richard Lenoir (Metro: Oberkampf), not far from Xiaoli's studio.

There is a story behind this little restaurant. The chef was awarded the coveted three Michelin stars in the past. He was sick of the over-decorated French cuisine and would like to open a price-friendly restaurant where he serves real tasty French cuisine without overdressed. That's attractive enough for us to have a try!

First: The guy who worked here is friendly and humorous. He forced us to speak in French, in a way he helped us to speak out which is great!

Second: Wifi! Can you believe there is Wifi at a homy restaurant? Mot de Passe will be given out on requested. Xiaoli went back to her studio to grab her Macbook once we knew that we can use Wifi here! (It was so hard to find online friend Alice at her studio!)

Third: The food. 
Main Course. We ordered le plat du jour - Poisson du Chef. It's a filet de saumon. It brought you to heaven once you taste it! The outer layer is crispy while the filet is soooooooooooooooo smooth and soft. Oh my god... it tasted so good. Well, for me I ordered a beef steak with mushroom sauce. Not as good as the fish mais pas mal.

Dessert! Their Pot au Lait is perfect! On top is a thin layer of cake, in the middle is delicious vanilla cream (which makes you bounce onto heaven once again!) and at the bottom is caramel.

Un cafe - just a little detail makes the difference! A nice strong cafe is a must, plus this stylized chocolate. Bérecool!

A perfect lunch: a main course (14-18 euros), a dessert (6 euros), a drink (3 euros) and a expresso (2 euros) and Wifi. 25 euros for a perfect lunch in a nice restaurant. It's a good deal!



VF said...

Indeed, a cute place. I had the choclate creme brulee, c'etait delicieux!

Mind if I use your photo of the cafe on my blog? (credited to you) I was too shy to take out my camera.

Zoe Lydia said...

Sorry I haven't seen your comment until now! Sure please use my pics. Please forward your link later once you are done!