Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Figure Painting at PARSONS

This is my most ambitious class here in Paris. Figure Painting, sounds so great! Tonight I had my first class here. I was late for 10 min, but there is only 1 student from Saudi Arabia with the male teacher Jason, and a lady who was sitting on the stage (later I knew that she was our nude model, yes, we are going to draw NUDE for the whole 10 classes, oh my God! I love it!). We have 8 people who have registered this course, but tonight we have only 3 students here, including me. That's good coz for sure we can have a very flexible class with quick progress. 

The first night, as we have been told, we have bought a canvas, a huge tube of titanium white oil paint and a small tube of black, a palette knife, a collection of bristle brushes and a bottle of medium. However, a canvas is not enough! Coz he wants us to do some sketches before we starts on a canvas. Well actually that's normal. The time we need to do a painting, then wipe it off by using the medium and then do another pose again on the same canvas. What a waste! Next time, we are going to use a canvas book to start our sketches instead.

Figure painting is about volume. This time, at first we used black only. We painted the figure with some significant black parts. We tried another pose with the same technique, but then with significant white parts afterwards. After that, we try to do gradation merge the parts. It's always hard to draw the face and hands in a small scale, but Jason gave me some tips about that which is very useful. For the eyes, try to make them grey, add the eye lids and give a white dot. I have a feeling that our progress will be very fast and we are going to have a great portfolio by the end of this class.

By the way, I got enrolled in the l'art mural course!!! I just received an email from the professeur that I can get in the Buon Fresco course at Ecole supérieure des arts appliqués Duperré after screening my previous artworks! For sure this is not a course that I can study in Hong Kong! Buon Fresco! Renaissance! Oh mon Dieu! I will be fully occupied every saturday for doing wall arts starting from 15 Mars. Don't bother me on that day, it's gonna be Saint!


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tai said...

congratulations for the good news... i can feel your excitement by only see your pic, surrounded by all the paintings , which is the thing that you love, and drowned in the world of art! enjoy! :)