Thursday, February 28, 2008

Carla Bruni

Carla Bruni, the new premiere woman in France.

Most of the people don't like her because of her stupidity. In this premiere official interview in L'Express, she compared a French magazine to the wartime anti-Semitic press.  The French press called "Le Nouvel Observateur" published on its website a text message allegedly sent by President Sarkozy to his ex-wide Cécilia, urging her to come back. "If you come back, I will drop everything", he reportedly wrote. Carla Bruni made her comments over the decision in the interview with L'Express, which has re-read and amended. "If this kind of site had existed in the war, what would have happened with the denunciation of the Jews," she asked.

Okay... Miss Bruni apologized in a statement, saying : "If I have offended anyone, I am extremely sorry."

It's too late coz now everybody know that you are stupid now. You won't show your intelligence if you compare everything with politics. You can't compare your make up kit with a first-aid kit in the army, that's non-sense!

Though, I guess everybody would appreciate her beauty. She got a eye-catching face, she looks beyond elegant and radiant, she's spiritique!   


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