Friday, February 15, 2008

Bernard Wilhelm, the genius!

Bernard Wilhelm - Het Totaal Rappel. (MoMu, Anvers. Exhibition Extended till the first week of March)

Oulala! it's one of the best show that I have seen in my life. Full of creativeness here. It's the chemical sparkles of fashion and installation arts. It's so beautiful, funny, weird, irony, mix-cultures, experiments....I donno know, it's a mix of everything.  His storytelling is so powerful in terms of concept and visual elements. Each collection got a different concept. Apparently he is inspired by Japanese and African culture. Every room and every piece is full of stuff. You won't get bored at any corner. One particular installation is the choir. There is projection of heads onto a poster of a group of choir in the theme of Halloween. Their lips synchronized with the song that was broadcasting.  Holy!

I don't care about that dress is wearable or not. You don't have to be good taste everyday! The important thing is our mind of experiment. In Sex and the City, I like Carrie, not because she wore beautiful everyday, sometimes she dressed horrible, but it's the mind that she kept doing experiment on mix and match that impressed me! The same thing for Bernard Wilhelm, most of his clothing are not wearable to be honest, but it's his playfulness on color, pattern, cutting and presentation that makes him admirable. In addition, his stockings are never disappointing! A few days later, I found one legging with the style of Bernard Wilhelm in H&M! Oulala it's so beautiful!

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