Monday, February 25, 2008

Arts et Métiers

Arts & Métier is a metro station in Beauboug, not far from Centre Pompidou. 

I was planning to have a rendezvous with Michel on saturday, but all in a sudden he disappeared on that day, but afterwards, he phoned me on the next day when he was on the way to see his movie premiere on sunday morning! He asked if I want to come to see the movie with his crew, I love to but it's 9:30am already and the movie was gonna shown in 30 mins! I was in Noisy, mon cherie! Anyway, I tried my best to get there. In less than one hour, I got in to the cinema near Place de Clichy. Surprisingly, the gate was closed! But there was a guy came and opened the door for me. He asked me what film that I was going to see, and I said "Nouveau... quelque choses"... actually I forgot about the name. He didn't ask me further and pointed out which theatre that I should go, without checking any billets! Woolala~~ so free! So I went to see the screening till the end of the film, though I didn't quite interested in the film.

After that, I had a drink with Michel, and the other crews that he worked with in this film. Then, we went to Arts & Métiers for lunch. That was a sunday, many restaurants closed!
The Argentine is closed on that day called ANAHI. (49 rue Volta). What a pity! It opens only at night from 20h to minuit. And the Mexican restaurant nearby was closed also... 
by the end, we went to a African restaurant to taste Tajine and Couscous.

My first time to take Tajine. This is Tajine d'agneau (lamb) avec miel (honey). Pas mal. I like the plates from Morco, very nice.
We spent a long afternoon at restaurant, until it has to be closed for a tea break. We talked about everything. No Country for Old Man. The film that Michel is interested, but the title itself is for Michel as well. Michel got no country at all! lol But actually Michel is a man full of energy whenever he is at work or leisure, never say old.

Then I went to Michel's apartment in Charenton to take a look. It is surprisingly nice. It's lively and Parisien! Now I know, in a Parisien apartment, it shouldn't be stuffed with European stuff, instead it should be African, Asian or South American! Something exotic! A good example are chez Olivia, Benoit and Michel.

A week later, that means yesterday, I move into his apartment with all my stuff. Omg! 2 huge suitcases and 2 large bags. I don't know what can I do by the end of my trip!

Welcome to my chamber! Tonite we are gonna have a diner here! Similar to Cheese Fondue, we add in cheese onto a petite pan, and then put it into a electric pan. Omg! The cheese melted and it would never stick onto the petite pan! Here is a living room with sofa. I'm gonna stay here half a month with Michel. After he goes to Philippines, Xiaoli will come and join me! Superb!

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