Monday, February 11, 2008

Anvers, a Hollandish city with Parisian chic

J'aime Anvers!

The air is fresh! People are friendly. Mind is free and open here. A smell of Holland. 
The chic quality is there. Smell of teen spirits along the Nationalestraat. I'm sure 10 years later this is gonna be another Paris. Bernard Wilhelm is the star of creativeness here, presented by MoMu. Sooooooo good that we can still catch his extended exhibition. Otherwise, I would miss this bérecool show!

Talking about fashion. You can distinguish a person's nationality by what he dressed. Here, Parisien has their own chic, Japanese has their own unique way to dress, Chinese got their own style whatever you think it is beautiful or not, at least it is distinguishable. American has their own way to dress, especially for those old men in Texas. The brokeback style. Not much people would agree that they are very nice but it's distinguishable also. But what about Canadian? Think of the people in Canada. Fashion is tough to be creative in this nation. They can never be up to the standard of being recognized internationally. Canadian can never be listed in the dictionary of Fashion. You know, if you do bad taste/boring stuff, push it to the limit so that it could be recognized, like Chinese and Texas. Otherwise, you will turn into Canadian.

Here in Anvers, you can see this guys who reach the Texas level.


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