Thursday, January 31, 2008

Wax Tailor in a Souvenir Shop

In Paris, there are tons of cheap souvenir shops, however, there is one on Rue Saint Antoine in Bastille which impressed me a lot.

Yes, it looks cheap still. But just because they got many ceramics and nice dishes, I get in to see what else they have for sale. Once I got in, I felt like stoned. Psychedelic Trip Hop was on air! It's Wax Tailor's Our Dance. The owner was playing the disc of NovaTunes1.2. It's just weird to see over a dozen of old ladies working on their goods hunting in theme of Trip Hop! That reminds me Kula Shaker's Mystical Machine Gun MTV. It was so funny!

Our Dance is formidable! Wax Tailor, kinda like Portishead that can spin your head and push your mind onto other stages.


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