Saturday, January 12, 2008

Thanks Jasper

Hey Jasper, thanks in advance for having the idea of mailing a gift for me in to Paris. I'm expecting that!

Thanks for your healing pendant the time of PUSH. Wish you have a good start this year in terms of health, happiness and love.

Grand bisou!

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trish said...

strange, i left u a message b4, it didnt' work... here comes the 2nd time, hope it could be Post!
about ur Thanks! --> Rien Du Tout!!
in fact, it should be me who saying "MERCI BEAUCOUP!!!" We really have passed a great time together, right?
So, make ur effort in learning French real hard, ok? wait you come back and be my enseigneur, d'accord? miss you, toujour! a bientot!!