Friday, January 25, 2008

Smart Postcards

The best postcard that I ever ever seen in my life!
A postcard can change its look whenever you hold it!

This inner-liquified artpiece, if it is installed in a gallery, it wouldn't be so impressive. But when it turns to a postcard, this idea just splashes~~~ 

Imagine the look of the postcard is different when you already to send to postcard and when the other party receive it in another continent. It's not about deterioration during delivery but a real change on its own! What a revolutionary idea!

Did I exaggerate too much?

The other postcard plays with optical illusions. Look at the video, for sure you will be amazed by its idea and keep saying "wahwahwah"!



Jasper said...

*O* so amazing!! i love those postcards so much! and i love your tone and face when you talked about opening the postcard shop in Hong Kong....haha....

miss you~

Jasper said...

o yea i am a chu ah! =)