Saturday, January 12, 2008

及時行樂 Life is short, make your journey as beautiful as possible!

I tell you a story about one of my film crew C.
I worked in the office until the last day of the film shooting. I saw C was holding her box of files by the entrance. She was still radiant even though it was by the end of the day. I said goodbye to her and meet up for a drink later. That was on 22 Dec.
A week later, I had a drink with my colleagues after the New Year Countdown. Benny told me that C was gone. C got a cancer and she died on 26 Dec. I couldn't believe this! Coz she was so normal 4 days ago when I saw her, but now you said she is gone?! She is just so young, just like me, 26! Plus, she got a new boyfriend in the film crew. He must be heart-broken to hell, whenever he knew her condition.
Omg! I know things can be very unpredictable, but I can't think of that is so closed to me! It's a matter of life and death! Now I know, if we want to do something, just do it. If you miss the chance, it might not come again. Life is short, make your journey as beautiful as possible.

However, a week later, Benny saw C in the JC exhibition. They greeted. WTF?
Actually, I would rather prefer this is a joke, but I just wonder why she/her mom had to do this to the boyfriend... I would say this is ridiculous.

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