Monday, January 28, 2008

Home Made Crêpes

Street food in Paris is expensive, like a piece of crêpe au chocolat it costs around 3 euros. But at home, it costs almost nothing. 

At night, Christine and I made the crêpes. Apart from adding sugar onto the crêpes, we added Cognac as well! Though I would prefer not to add this after tasting, but it's fun to do it.

During cooking, I know more about Christine. She came from a highly educated family from Mainland China. During the Cultural Revolution of Republic China in 50s, many educated scholars including her parents were punished harshly. Luckily, the family could have a chance to flee and settled down in Cambodia. However, another wave of massacre came over after they settled down, which was a bloodshed. This time, her parents were so tired to flee and they chose to stay there. Only Christine and her husband fled to Hong Kong, and then to France. Shortly, all her relatives were killed during the civil war except her brother who fled to Taiwan. 

Living in a country that you cannot fully draw into is very difficult. For Christine, she is educated and speaks fluent French, I'm sure she could have a competitive job in China but she worked as a souvenir shopkeeper for almost 25 years in Paris. She joked about spending all her youth in that petite souvenir shop!

During our chat, she didn't cry but she put on her glasses on and off many times. Chinese suffered so much in the past century. I am so lucky to live with peace.


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