Sunday, January 6, 2008

Getting started

I don't think things get started when everything is ready.

I'm not ready to go to Paris actually but time will take me to the place. Quite a lot of people said to me that I shouldn't go to Paris for 5 months, that's too much and it's no good to my movie connections in HK. After 5 months, nobody will remember me... something like that.

Yes, I know my dears, I know you all care about me, but I really need some fresh air. I have just been working in the movie industry for half a year but it seems to me like 2 years passed already! What happened?

Benson knows me, that I have been thinking of studying French in Paris for a long time, since I was working in Cathay. This is not a new idea! It just comes out again when I got to make a Plan B for my ticket to France 2 months ago.

This week, I met many friends that I haven't chatted with since I changed my job. People said I get fat, especially on my visage. What the fuck? I worked fucking hard but I become fat! People usually said "enjoy your time in Paris", or "meet a better guy there".... but Joshua said "study hard", haha... that's the first expression that made me laugh out loud. I should study hard coz i'm gonna give out a lot of money for this trip, and I hope I can find a part time job there.

I will arrived at Paris on 14Jan night by Korean Air. I put a seat reservation on 30May to Soeul for visiting my bitchy sister a week and then back home. That's the idea up to this moment.

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