Saturday, January 12, 2008

The French - master of making holidays

Since my French course lasts for 4 months, I got to have a student visa for long stay in Paris.

Kirque once said that those French who are working in school administration love to piss off the students, especially those who can't speak French. I think it's not only for the school administration, it's true for other fields of administration as well. 

It is required for people who need to request the student visa to France to have an academic interview with the staff in French consulate, before they apply for the visa. When I book the interview, I found that they were going to stop all the interviews from 21st Dec to 3rd Jan for Christmas and New Year holidays, while I am going to take the flight to Paris on 13Jan night. Okay, I respect that coz it's a big time for them to have family gathering, like what we Chinese do during lunar new year, plus the French lady said that I could still have time to get the student visa coz it just take a week for administration after the academic interview.

However, after I had my academic interview on 4Jan, the French lady said the visa section was still out of service until next wednesday, i.e. 8Jan... a week more after the 1st day of New year. French is really a master of making holidays coz they can care no nobody and just take the days-off as they want for half a month!

Luckily, I can have my student visa done in 2 days. I went back to the visa section on friday. The Chinese receptionist said to me that I should come at 4:30pm to take back my visa, therefore I went there around 15mins advance. However, the office was OFF again when I went there! The masters were having a tea break until 4:30 and I need to come back sharp at 4,30. Can you believe this? I should apply for a job in French Consulate when I come back to Hong Kong...

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