Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Woolala~~ I met up Stanley and Mike at my arrival. I guess I bought too much things to here, coz only I got 35kg for my check in suitcase already, and my 2 duffle bags were not included. I got 15 kg overweighed and I had to bring all my heavy books onboard. It was a nightmare but it's gone already. Thanks to the warm welcome of Stanley and Mike, I arrived Sylvie's apartment safely, and merci beaucoup Sylvie for letting us to stay at her apartment. We went to a bar in Parmentier at the first night.

Things go well in Paris now. Now we are staying at Sylvie's apartment for a week. We had so much fun together. Last night, me and Stanley had girl talk overnight till 7am! Crazy! Then, Stanley will go to Costa Rica for a while and Mike will go to London to continue his travel, while Kate will come here for her Birthday tomorrow. We are planning to go to Night Club tomorrow for celebration! MUST HAVE FUN;)

Yesterday I met Michel and Olivia. The hardworking Michel is now working for his 3rd movie since we met. He's a bit upset about bringing her fiancée Ria to France due to her visa problem. These days the French government walks back to the old times regarding the policy to the visitors. They stop offering visa to those people from countries like Africa and South East Asia. That's discrimination apparently!

Woo... I got to tell you the cost of get a cellphone SIM card is very expensive. I paid 70 euros for my SIM card: 39 euro card fee + 6 euro tax + 25 euro for 2 months calling credits. Unbelievable!


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