Saturday, January 12, 2008

Accommodation in Paris

My French course fee is not expensive, it just costs you 1400 euros for the whole semester, i.e. 4 months. However, the cost to stay in Paris is fucking expensive. In central Paris, normally you gotta pay 600 euros for a petite decent studio in central Paris. I'm going to stay in central Paris, but to see if there is anyone will share the apartment with my in Paris. I'm going to pay for 400 euros each month.

In some forum online, I found a so-called 19-year-old French gal who has an apartment from her mum in Montparnasse and she was going to rent a bedroom for 400 euros each month, including all the electric bills and internet charges. I thought this is a good deal. But when I asked further, like having my friend for a visit before the payment, she just stopped our conversations. What a bitch! She is a liar.

Luckily, in the first week in Paris, I will stay at Sylvie's apartment with Stanley and Mark. During this week, I will look for any apartment for share with nice price. Peut-être I can stay chez Michel?

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